Website Managed Services

Website Managed Services


Website Managed Services Plans & Pricing

Let AxisIT simplify managing your website

Our service includes the creation of a 5-page professional WordPress website tailored to your needs. Choose from a variety of industry-specific layouts and features.

Once your site is up, we handle hosting, updates, and monthly maintenance tasks like regression testing and backups. We provide 24/7 monitoring and backups for your peace of mind.

With AxisIT Website Managed Services, we take care of all website aspects, including business email, domain names, and web certificates. You focus on your content while we ensure it’s presented beautifully, enhancing user experience and driving more leads.

Our pricing is straightforward: pay just $499 for the site when you make a 3-year service commitment at $69.00/month (normally $1499). This is significantly cheaper than typical web agency rates of $3-5k for site creation and $180-300/month for ongoing maintenance.

How do we offer such competitive pricing?

We leverage off-the-shelf software, integrated and automated for efficiency. You benefit from our technical expertise without needing to manage complex systems.

How do I get Started With Website Managed Services?

We’ll guide you through every step of the process. Utilize our onboarding wizard to furnish essential details and preferences for your site, agree to our service terms, and arrange a consultation call to commence your website development journey with us.

Our process is streamlined:
Step 1 – Create your AxisIT account.
Step 2 – Provide business details.
Step 3 – Choose payment terms and accept the contract.
Step 4 – Share your website preferences.
Step 5 – Schedule a consultation call.

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More About Website Managed Services

Efficient Website Development Services

We construct your website utilizing tailored layouts crafted by industry professionals and then customize it to align with your specific needs. Building from scratch entails significant costs. Leveraging premade layouts saves both time and resources for your business.

Centralized Web Hosting

Many businesses oversee their own web hosting accounts, assuming responsibility for any arising issues. By hosting your site on our platform, you are spared the monthly hosting fees, and as the hosting provider, we promptly receive notifications of any issues, enabling us to address them without requiring your intervention.

Automated Updates and Reporting

Website Managed Services means we conduct round-the-clock monitoring of your website for anomalies, including unauthorized modifications. In the event of downtime, we promptly rectify the situation. Any alterations to the site’s content trigger alerts, allowing us to promptly intervene and maintain its security.

Automated Domain Name and Service Renewals

With ownership of the hosting, we possess the authority to handle domain name renewals, management, and updates directly. This relieves you from the burden of annual service renewals and from navigating potentially unfamiliar processes.

Integrated Corporate Presence

We establish connections between your website and leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and X, professional networking sites like Yelp, and Google. Our automated tools facilitate thorough indexing by major search providers and ensure that your website maintains a high reputation score, enhancing its visibility in business-specific searches.

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Custom pages plugins code & integrations

Complex forms and surveys

Social media integration with mobile content updates automatically posted to Facebook and Instagram

Other Services:

Website Transfers: $39.99 setup

Web updates and integrations $85/hour

Custom Website design: $175/hour

Search Engine Optimization